Welcome to eScriptsHub!

Do you love watching movies?  Do you love reading books?  Welcome to the hub!  Your central location for the perfect hybrid...  the eScript.

We are looking to shepherd the eScript format onto the eBook platform of Amazon Kindles, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Sony Readers, iBooks, and all others, allowing readers to be able to experience the perfect hybrid of screenplays and e-books.

eScripts offer screenwriters a new platform to tell their stories.  If they can't get their screenplays noticed and produced, screenwriters can come to eScriptsHub.com to launch their stories on a whole new platform with top of the line quality matching the successful format of ebooks and releasing them as self published works on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc.

eScripts offer readers the exhilarating and unique experience of reading produced and unproduced screenplays using their iPad, Kindle, Nook, PC, Mac, and other e-readers.

Readers will enjoy the new medium as they watch a film unfold through their own imagination in literary fashion.

With novels in the ebook format, it takes multiple days, weeks, and sometimes months to read and experience a story from beginning to end.

With eScripts, you can accomplish that in the couple hours or so that it would take to watch the movie on a big screen.  A couple hours and you experience the story from beginning to end with visual flare.

Readers can take a look behind the scenes of filmmaking, seeing the difference between the visual medium of movies and the literary medium of novels.

And thanks to the format that eScriptsHub creator Ken Miyamoto has developed, the reading experience of online screenplays has evolved and melded with the world of ebooks.

Let eScriptsHub handle it all in quick fashion with our EXCLUSIVE SERVICE

Explore the hub!  It's been developed for screenwriters AND readers.  For movie lovers AND book lovers.

eScriptsHub creator Ken Miyamoto is a produced screenwriter, former studio liaison for Sony Studios, former script reader/story analyst for Sony Pictures, and public speaker and educator for the art and business of screenwriting.
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